As my chicks grow...

And as I find more time to get creative, I thought I would share some of my creations, as well as my time with others. Hopefully I will make new friendships and create lasting bonds over paper, adhesive, and embellishments. So sit back, relax, and let's share...have a cup of coffee, or tea, or in my case a and let's just have a blast creating, finding new projects to make together, and gathering our supplies for future endeavors!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So happy to announce......

I am a new Peacock Artist!!! I am SO honored to be a part of this team. I would ask that you all check out the Pinque Peacock blog ....they have such beautiful things for sale!!! handmade flowers, stickpins, covered buttons, to name a few... ;)
Keep watching for my first  Artist Post! Pinque Peacock Shop

Until another day,
Mama Hen Peacock ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I know, I have been MIA...but with VERY good reason...

I know, it has been a LONG while...well, a lot has happened, and honestly I am STILL reeling from it all...You see, in July my husband got VERY SICK, had a terrible infection that we couldn't seem to get rid of....when he seemed better from infection, his sugar would go out of control. He had a very mild heart attack in July...and never got well...he spent all of the summer and much of the fall in the hospital. Then, the doctors told me, our home was making him sick. We had a problem with mold, caused by a broken water/drainage pipe in the street...We immediately began looking for a new house. We moved into a hotel while waiting for repairs to the house October 7, we were going to rent...and while there he had a massive heart attack, in front of 4 out of 5 of our children. He died that night... October 17thand honestly, a large part of me died with him. 
We moved in with my parents for a while (talk about a TIGHT fit!!!! Six of us plus my parents and 2 youngest a 3 bedroom ranch) THANK GOD they finished the basement a few years ago! 
I looked for a new place to rent for months. Finally, we found one...close to my parents, good school district, big enough for all of us! And NO MOLD! 
Honestly, I had lost my mojo once he died...he was not only my husband, he was my best friend, my soul mate, the man God had chosen for me...
I have been invited to MANY blog hops and activities/events on Facebook , but just haven't had the desire to DO anything...the other night, I had been invited to an event called "Green With Envy" and I thought...might need to try that..and I a good time, laughed so hard and so much, much more than I have in many months...So, this is also a HUGE thank you to Pinque Peacock 
The "girls" have been so great!!! And they have some really awesome things!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stick pins, and the stick pin angels...omgosh, beautiful! I won some flowers at the event and I CAN NOT wait to get them!!!! Ihave SO MANY ideas for projects to use them on!!!! If you get a chance, and if you read down this far in my post ;) please go to the link and check them out!!!! 
Til tomorrow...
Mama Hen