As my chicks grow...

And as I find more time to get creative, I thought I would share some of my creations, as well as my time with others. Hopefully I will make new friendships and create lasting bonds over paper, adhesive, and embellishments. So sit back, relax, and let's share...have a cup of coffee, or tea, or in my case a and let's just have a blast creating, finding new projects to make together, and gathering our supplies for future endeavors!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some of my more recent projects, invitations, and such...much more fun stuff to follow!

 Ok, so for the first invitation, please disregard the scratch used my "paint" program to mark out the identifying you can see, I am NOT a digital artist! Nope, I will stick with PAPER! :D
I have RSVP's I am working on for this order as well. Turned out REALLY cute!
 For this invitation, the theme is a hunting/camo theme. So, we went with a discreet influence of the theme in the colors. I think it turned out nice :)
 I have been trying my hand at altering tiles also, and have made a number of tile coasters from them. I will have a tutorial coming soon!
 This invite was for a Prince/Princess themed party for a girl and boy. I had a lot of fun making the little girls and boys! And I found out my 4 year old son REALLY enjoys making the little boy dolls to play with too! :)

 On the left is the inside of the card. The pic on the right is another set of coasters I made.
 Ok, for all you who KNOW me, I love roosters...and chickens...and anything country! :) So, I HAD to make myself a ROOSTER hot plate/trivet! ( I actually made two, still looking for the other pic! :D)
Welp, that is all for today...hope you enjoyed looking! See you all tomorrow!
Mama Hen