As my chicks grow...

And as I find more time to get creative, I thought I would share some of my creations, as well as my time with others. Hopefully I will make new friendships and create lasting bonds over paper, adhesive, and embellishments. So sit back, relax, and let's share...have a cup of coffee, or tea, or in my case a and let's just have a blast creating, finding new projects to make together, and gathering our supplies for future endeavors!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New project for The Robin's Nest

So, I know I am late sorry everyone...I had a bit of trouble with the medium I was using this week for this project...
This is the before pic...
Please, don't mind my "creative" mess...
I sanded the entire piece to rough up the stained finish. Then I basecoated it with Metallic Blue paint. I wanted a crackle finish....never tried crackle medium before...and it really is a learning experience...unfortunately, this is why I was late posting. I basecoated, painted the medium on, painted the light blue on top, and waited...let it dry...waited for the crackle....and it didn't crackle. ARGH!!! Lesson learned (after 2 tries): put the crackle medium on pretty thick. Make sure all paint is dry before applying medium. Make sure medium is dry before applying top coat of paint. Crackle occurs as this paint dries...ok, back to the project at hand.
I modpodged Glitter Snowflake Stripe from The Robin's Nest onto the bottom.
I used Precious Boy Diamond Dew Drops to make snowflakes on each side of the piece, inside and out.

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my project!


  1. Wow are you ever creative! This is wonderful! Where are you going to put it? I can send you my address! lol!

  2. I am going to put it up for sale on my willow site and at my interested? ;)

  3. Was this your Goodwill find? Turned out fabulous! Someone will be sure to buy it.

  4. yep! This is one of them!!! There are LOTS more to come! Just picked up some "new" pieces to upcycle!

  5. Oh wow you have really transformed this! It looks great!